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CellGrasp - $12.99

Patented: US 9496909

Shoot professional photos, videos & selfies, instantly.
CellGrasp - It's what your phone provider forgot to give you...

Why do I need a CellGrasp?

Have you ever dropped your cell phone? Are your photos blurry? Are your videos not as smooth as you want? Do you need to keep a better grip on your phone while reading, walking, jogging, shooting pics, vids or selfies? If you answered yes, please continue to read.

Our Patented Design Features :
• CellGrasp will help save your digital lifestyle. Enjoy relaxed security.
• A removable grip/handle for your smartphone.
NO GLUES OR TAPES! Slips on and off in seconds.
• Soft & comfy elastic finger loops.
• UltraClear, flexible, touch sensitive lens for full screen functions.
• Ergonomically perfect. Relax that hand.
• We call it, "The No Grip, Grip."
• Durable. Simple. Comfortable.

We produce CellGrasps in two sizes that fit most smart phones and cases. Click Here for sizing recommendations.

Enter Quantity During Checkout
Enter Quantity During Checkout

• 100% Money Back Guarantee. We stand behind each and every CellGrasp we produce.


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Cell phones get bumped, slip, fall and break...
CellGrasp improves and resolves the many problems of holding your phone by your finger tips.

Slip it on your phone. Insert your fingers. Use CellGrasp instantly.

Amazing ultra-clear, flexible, touch-sensitive lens.

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CellGrasp™ - Patented: US 9496909